Our products are made from only the highest quality materials. The majority of dashboards are milled out of Baltic or Russian birch plywood, the same as was originally used by Triumph, Austin-Healey BJ-8, Rolls Royce and Bentley. This makes for a very stable base to veneer on top of. Other dashes use Mahogany as the base where appropriate and when used originally (XK 120/140/150, MKII). Finally some dashboards are veneered on metal. 

We incorporate old world methods and cutting edge technology to deliver a product that is second to none. All of our veneer is laid by hand and personally selected for its beauty. We combine the handmade methods used by the Rolls Royce and Jaguar engineering of yesteryear and the precision of CNC production. The CNC/CAD based production allows us to provide an even higher quality product, as we now are able to manufacture to an even higher tolerance than before. 

As one of largest manufacturers of vintage automobile wood in the world, we make dashes for over 500 different cars and are constantly adding new models. Our large collection of exotic woods and burls provide a massive selection of inventory and customizable options. 

Unlike others, our glove box doors have matching veneer on the back. The dash is painted on the back and edges to resist moisture using the correct colors just as they came from the original factory. (When applicable). 

All glove box doors are pre-fit and have pre-drilled holes for the appropriate hinges. Some include hinges and others are available for separate purchase. In addition, all mounting options are all taking care of. Whether there are mounting holes, inserts or brackets we supply you with everything you need. Our goal is to make a dash replacement and installation as easy as possible for the buyer. (When applicable). 

Labeling is done on dashboards when applicable. Our labeling is very high quality (not stickers) and buried beneath the finish to provide an elegant appearance. 

*All of our products are finished in UV resistant high-gloss polyester. Polyester has been the coating of choice for Rolls Royce, Jaguar, and many other companies for many years. Each coat is equivalent to 3 coats of conventional lacquer or polyurethane. Each finished dash receives 5 coats yielding a very deep, beautiful, and long lasting finish. 

Before shipment every high gloss dashboard and knob is wet sanded and polished to provide a brilliant sheen to each item. 

(*The exception to this being products in our economy line, or special requests which are sprayed with a satin polyurethane finish.) 

Our Satin dashboards utilize all the same quality materials and construction techniques as our premium products. The difference is the Satin finish which requires fewer coats and allows us to offer these items at a lower cost.

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