Triumph TR-4, TR-4A (Tiger Makore) C-1003

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Vehicles: Triumph TR-4, 4A

Wood Species: Makore (Tiger Stripe)

Finish: High Gloss

Driver Configuration: Left Hand Drive

The year specific holes have not yet been bored, meaning you will have to specify which model you have, a TR-4, or a TR-4A. We will need to know which you have, before we can bore them, and ship.

Like we do with all of our dashes, we purchased the gauges and the metal backing plate, to insure a perfect fit.

The glove box door has a matching veneer on the back, and the dash has been painted on the back and edges to resist moisture. The holes have been pre-drilled for the glove box hinges, so you just have to swap your old hinges.

To account for the changes from the Triumph factory over the years, we have come up with our own serial numbers to differentiate: 

CG Autowood             Year:

       "F"                        75-76

       "E"                        73-75

       "D"                       69-72, 68 TR-250

       "72L"                    special late 72

       "C"                       TR-4, 4A

This wood set requires a final wet sand, polish and will ship 1-2 business days from time of purchase.

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